Working on My New Blog Post

I have started to do my latest blog post, of course I am trying to draw traffic to the site. So I am trying to think of some really catchy title. They call it click bait if you never heard the term. I am thinking that the obvious thing is to talk about something involving the favorite thought of any person who is normal. That is obviously sexual and there is not much reason why you can not talk about in an effort to get people to come to your blog. I am thinking about stuff like prosolution and pills like that, doing a little piece on different ways that people are trying to liven up their step when it comes to that sort of thing. Of course there are countless different pills and substances which are sold in various forms with the promise of enhancing the experience of sex in some way or another. Some of it is scientifically proven like cialis and Viagra. That stuff obviously works and you can find plenty of scientists and doctors who will tell you that it does. They know how it works and basically why.

Other stuff may have to rely on

Trying a Spanish Meal on Our Honeymoon

My wife and I honeymooned in Singapore. I asked her where she would like to go, and she did not hesitate in telling me Singapore. I honestly didn’t care where we went as long as we were spending eight days completely alone. We got a honeymoon cottage at one of the hotels, and we had our own private section of beach with it. It was simply gorgeous, and we did not even leave our little cottage for the first two days. Someone told us we should try the La Ventana Spanish restaurant if we enjoy that kind of food, so we decided on the third day to venture out beyond just the beach.

The hotel food was delicious, but we were looking for a nice intimate setting where we had a bigger selection. Neither of us had ever tried Spanish food, but we are both the type to not back away from something simply because we are not used to it. As soon as we looked at the menu, we knew that we were not only going to be okay in this restaurant but that we were also going to enjoy it a good bit too. Continue

Started Fixing Up Our New Place

Millie and I have a new house in a nice quiet neighborhood and now we are going to try to fix it up. The main thing is not to think of a place as something to be flipped as quickly as you can. We need a place to live and we want to build up equity in this place and make it as comfortable as we can while we live here. We have already found a couple of really nice Asiatic rugs and put them in strategic places where they make a really big difference in the look and feel of the place. Mostly the reason for getting them was this one place where the hardwood floors really need to be refinished. Continue reading

Looking for a Fun Place to Live

I was wondering if you ever knew anyone who lived at the the Regatta apartments. I have been looking at apartments in Houston and my priorities are actually quite transparent. I would like to move in to an apartment complex where there are a lot of single women. If they are beautiful that is all the better with me. Of course I am being very shallow, but the simple fact is that I am more than a little interested in girls and I do not want to live some place where the people are never going to have any fun. That is a lot to ask in the real world. I understand that people have to go to work, since I have to go to work too. Continue reading

I Switched Because of the Great Deal Going on Now

I got into computer gaming years ago, and I do not think I will ever get bored of it. I started out with many of the popular standalone game consoles that most people are aware of. But when I learned what was available online, I never looked back. Another gamer in a gaming community I hang out in said that I should look to find out what Frontier Internet deals are going on right now. He said that is who he uses for playing games and has no troubles at all. This was after I told him how frustrated I have been with my own provider. Many other people jumped in to reply after that and stated they use the same company and they are very satisfied.

The company that I have been using used to be really great. But then I learned that they throttle customers, which means that if they think that a particular customer is using too much bandwidth, they will throttle your speed. If you’re someone who likes to watch movies online or are a gamer, then you will come face to face with slower speeds. Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to watch a

Job Searching Strategies Job Interview Preparation

fhkmyfrMany jobseekers blow their chances of getting their ideal position before the job interview. They aren’t equipped with the basic points that make them feel thoroughly prepared as well as well informed at the interview stage. So what information should the interviewee figure out well before attending an interview?

Company Background

The Internet should be the key for finding about the company. In the first place check out the business’s site. What sort of tone is the site setting? What sort of client is the business likely to be targeting?

Have a very good look at any kind of mission statements, financial results as well as ”about us” sections on the company’s site. In addition to getting a much better feel of the company model, you will have the ability to talk about long run firm strategy from a far more knowledgeable perspective during the interview. Don’t forget to do a search for various other websites which offer a neutral opinion on the business too. Companies House presents info on past years’ company accounts. In addition, the Chairman, CEO or even Managing Director could possibly have

Why Do You Need a Resume

tdezjuhtdzSo you’ve never compiled or written a resume and so have no experience at what goes into one. You are also not sure that you need a resume in the first place, or why, if at all, you need one. You’ve probably seen some resume samples and frankly you think it is extra work that you can do without.

If you think that you don’t need to create a resume template then you may want to read further to find out why exactly you need to learn how to write a resume. There are many reasons why you need to compile some sample resumes and keep them ready so you can just make some modifications as and when required for a particular job that you are looking to land:

The Resume is the tool that will help you market yourself. Now you know that you are competing with others; regardless of what job you are aiming to get. Now how does a prospective employer figure out what your abilities are or special talents are? The resume samples are able to give a summary of one’s abilities and skills to a prospective employer at

Tips On How To Launch a Successful Job Hunt

fkmgxkymIf you’re looking for a brand new job opportunity or perhaps a change of direction in your present profession then you should think about how you’ll do that. Here are some concepts on how to kick off an effective job hunt that may help you in your targets.

First and foremost, you need to have an up to date curriculum vitae, which should be well-organized and show all relevant practical experience customized to the types of work opportunities you are interested in. You ought to outline your key abilities and also include a mission statement showing your career ambitions. Make sure that your contact information is current and accurate.

Be sure that you are around to answer calls from potential bosses. When you miss a phone call then be sure that your voicemail is clear as well as professional and free from entertaining, unusual musical announcements or jokes that may be off-putting to fast paced HR departments.

When you finally start the job hunt you must make certain that you make use of your present contacts to find out if they know of any

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Job as a Graduate

For many of us, our time at university is the most exciting and liberating 3 years of our entire lives. It’s for this reason that when the last the champagne dries on your suit or dress after graduation, the unfathomable fear hits you… It’s time to get a real job!

Life after university can be very daunting whether you know what career path to take or not. Finally, it’s time to put all the skills you have gathered over your time at university to good use, but how on earth do you get started?

There are so many different graduate roles out there, and more graduates than ever battling it out for them, so how do you stick out from the rest and get the job you want?

If you share any of these concerns, fear not, here is our definitive list of everything you need to know about getting a job as a graduate.

Writing a CV

One mistake many graduates make is assuming that their CV is perfect because it probably isn’t.  While different industries do expect different approaches with CV’s, there are a number of things to follow regardless of industry to improve any CV.

First of all, work very hard on each covering letter you send out. Detail why your experiences make you perfect for the role and what you can offer the potential employer in the future.

When it comes to the layout of your CV, make things as clear and easily digestible as possible. List your previous experience and jobs with very little detail. Writing unnecessary descriptions is pointless as if it is of importance you should cover it in your covering letter.

The longer and more cluttered your CV appears, the less likely any employer is likely to want to read it in its entirety.

Online Portrait

Another thing you have to consider heavily is how you appear to a potential employer across all social media platforms, blogs or any other personal streams.

Not matter how you have used social media in the past, it’s time to consider which streams you might only use for professional reasons (LinkedIn & Twitter for example) and which you are going to keep for personal use (usually Facebook).

For those you wish to remain personal, tighten up your security settings as you don’t want your potential employers seeing those embarrassing photos from Magaluf 2012, do you?

Depending on your interests, it might be time to harness other social platforms. For example, if you have a passion for art or photography, make the most of Instagram, if you want to make music or other audio, get stuck into SoundCloud, or if you aspire to make TV or film, get yourself a Vimeo account.

These can be great sources to link to on your CV or in job applications to show the types of skills you possess.

For more advice on this, plus lots more on graduate jobs, take a look at this great infographic from Bellvue Students, leading providers of student accommodation in Preston.


While university is a massive learning curve in learning any given industry, it would be silly to assume you have learnt all there is to know by the time you pick up your scroll on graduation day.

Aside from keeping up to date with all the goings on in your industry, which you should be doing anyway, get out there and speak to people who’ve had some success themselves.

Tweet industry professionals, message people on LinkedIn, go to industry conferences and fairs to get as much info as possible. If you are lucky, you might well get a work experience placement out of it, then the ball can start to roll a little.

There is also no doubting that the world of work can be very competitive, and as a graduate, it can be very easy to get frustrated with or jealous of other graduates and their seemingly instant success.

Instead, you should speak to them, catch up with university friends about how they are doing and how they got where they are, you never know what you might learn or who you might end up speaking to as a result.

Do Your Research

While it can seem a long and arduous task applying for piles and piles of graduate job applications, you have to make sure your quality and prep doesn’t slip.

To explain just how great you are for a particular role in your covering letter, you need to do your research on the company you are applying for.

The same applies in interview prep. Learn all you can about the role you are applying for and the company or institution you’ll be working for.


3 Things You Should Know About Working with Asbestos

There was a time in our world’s history where asbestos was seen as an incredible mineral that could be used to create fire-resistant materials of all different types. During this time, the mineral was placed in everything from construction materials and auto parts to kid’s toys and electric blankets.

Today, after years of research and studies, medical professionals have identified asbestos as a dangerous mineral that can cause several different medical issues for individuals that are exposed to it in high concentrations. The fact that it is found in so many different buildings and products has made it necessary for thousands of jobs to be created in an attempt to rid these structures and items of the dangerous mineral.

If you are currently working or are planning on working with asbestos, there are a few things that you should know about the mineral and its effect.

It Can Cause a Variety of Different Medical Issues

While you already know that asbestos can be dangerous, you may not be aware of the different issues that it can cause. Some of the most common medical issues related to asbestos exposure include things like asbestosis, mesothelioma, and